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Support Groups

Support groups are comprised of people who are dealing with similar issues in their lives.
Routinely, with every support group I run, I hear from the members of the group say things like:

“I don’t know what I would do without this group…I look forward to it every week.”

“Every time I leave here, I feel better than when I came.”

“I am learning so much more than in individual counseling.”

“I wish my spouse/ex-spouse had a group like this.  This is so powerful.”

“Can we extend the group for a few more weeks?”

Separation and Divorce Support Group

The Separation/Divorce Support Group is for those who are contemplating divorce, separation, or who are at the beginning of these processes or want to become educated about it; not pro-divorce or pro-marriage, but an open forum to discuss and share.  Meets 8 weeks either daytime (such as 11:30am-1:00pm) or evenings (such as 6:30-8:30pm).  Depending on the needs of the group, days and times are sometimes modified, but generally would be in the middle of the day before school is out for kids, or in the evening after dinnertime.  Please contact me to find out when the next group is starting and to discuss your situation.  We can decipher together whether a group is right for you, your concerns, how I put groups together, etc.  Typically, I run 4-6 groups like this every year and chances are I have a waiting list going for the next group.

Post-Divorce Support Group

the Post-Divorce Support Group is for those who have legally finalized a divorce, and are moving into the next phase of their lives; career, parenting, dating, grief, transition, dealing with your ex, being complete with the divorce.

Marital Reconciliation Support Group

Marital Reconciliation Support/Couples Support Group is for those who are physically separated and want to reconcile the marriage (only for 1 spouse, not for couples).  These groups are more rare, happening every few years.

Dating & Relationship Support Group

The Dating & Relationships Support Group is for anyone, single or married, who wants to learn more about relationship concepts, including how healthy functioning comes from our relationship with our SELF, how this looks, what to do, how to practice, where to focus.  If the group is comprised of those who are single, which sometimes is the case, we address healthy dating, how to be successful in dating and use it as a growth opportunity.

High-Conflict Divorce Support

This support group addresses so many concepts and strategies for coping with a high conflict divorce.  Typically, participants are divorced and continue to deal with very challenging circumstances.  There is ongoing litigation, financial stress, issues with co-parenting, lots of threatening and fearful aspects, and a general sense that the divorce has created terrible trauma and pain for everyone in the family, including the children.  Children may be experiencing symptomology like regressed behavior, acting out behaviors (like bed-wetting, tantrums, rage, cutting, running away, drugs and alcohol, suicidal ideation or attempts), complaints about their other parent to you, etc.  Parents who are experiencing this are also stressed themselves and also trying to decipher what would help the kids.  So, all of these pieces of this very complex puzzle are addressed with others who are usually experiencing very similar things.  The goal is to help you understand, and shift your approach.  And this is possible…and it works.  You will learn how to strengthen a healthy relationship with your kids, despite the situation.  You will learn how to deal with the ongoing accusations you perceive and may actually experience.  You will learn how to shift yourself from fear to confidence, how to move on from this, how to learn to let certain things go and what that really means.  This group is focused on principles and strategies that are about disengaging from the conflict so that you have the time and energy to move on with your life and to stay in healthy relationship with your kids and your Self.

Support Groups are $600/8 weeks and meet 2 hours per week.

Support Groups (with exception of the High Conflict Divorce Class) are usually:

  • 6-8  people, all of whom are pre-screened
  • scheduled according to the schedules of those who are interested – this can be daytime or evening time
  • co-ed, which tends to provide the most rich forum for discussion and learning

Confidentiality is held to the highest standard.

Lisa Hall, L.M.F.T., M.A.

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