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Contemplating Divorce

Some of the things you may be feeling:

  • consumed with thoughts about your marital issues
  • internal conflict and anxiety
  • feeling spiritually dead
  • you need “space” from your spouse and alone time
  • marriage counseling has gotten you nowhere
  • fantasizing about or having emotional and/or physical affair…

  • …fearof the unknown, heading down a path into the fog
  • feeling you need a plan of action, but too overwhelmed to know what to do
  • feeling trapped and stuck in your marriage
  • distraught about the future, including the potential “end” of your family as you know it
  • thoughts about your kids and how a divorce will impact them
  • stressed about money and your future
  • hopeless that your spouse will ever hear you and that you do not want to give up on love
  • relieved when your spouse is gone and stressed when they are around

How I Can Help:

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Lisa Hall, L.M.F.T., M.A.

Marriage & Family Therapist, Relationship Issues, Divorce & Family Conflict.

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