Lisa Hall, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

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Private Sessions

My counseling approach is practical, realistic, and grounded in problem-solving the issues at hand.  Sometimes it helps to connect dots from the past.  Your situation and particular needs  and goals determine the focus and process.  In the first meeting I will provide you with an assessment, answer questions, provide education and information, and we will work together to determine next steps or even a plan.

This may be ongoing for some time to develop new habits, or it may involve a few sessions.  It will not be a never-ending process.  We stick with the plan, yet if we decide that the focus needs to change, then we agree on that together, and we are on a new course.  You may feel that this is an impossible situation now, but it is workable and there are always options.  You have choices in your life and you can get unstuck.

You will feel relief, you will have perspective, and you will have a sense of direction.  Ultimately, my goal is to help you feel less overwhelmed, more grounded, and more clear.

This is the basis for good decision-making, as opposed to confusion and fear.  I am here to help you to move through the fog  to a clearer picture of the situation, and, ultimately, to the next phase of your life, whatever it may be.


Lisa Hall, L.M.F.T., M.A.

Marriage & Family Therapist, Relationship Issues, Divorce & Family Conflict.

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