Lisa Hall, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

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Rate & Payment Information

Fee is $180/hour.

Session length can range from 30-120 minutes and billed accordingly per quarter hour.  The typical session time is 50-60 minutes.  Often, intake sessions, one-time consultations and couple sessions require 90 minutes.  Additionally, it is not assumed that sessions will be weekly or that they will be ongoing.  These aspects are discussed with the client during an initial session or via email or phone prior.  Sessions can be scheduled by the client online using the links on this site and the link below.

Several payment options are available:

  • Credit Card
  • Personal Check
  • Cash
  • Retainer

Any service time (session, meeting, phone or email communication) pertaining to your case will be billed in 15 minute increments.


Cancellation Policy

Sessions can be canceled or rescheduled via the online scheduling system using this link which may be found throughout this website, as well as in the signature of my email messages to you.

A 24-hour cancellation policy applies, meaning that sessions that are cancelled or rescheduled inside of 24 hours will incur a fee.  There is a $85 fee (1/2 normal session rate) as a first-time grace fee, however, any subsequent missed, canceled or rescheduled session within 24 hours will be charged the full fee for the amount of time that was scheduled by the client.


Support Groups

Support groups run 8 to 10 weeks, depending on the type of support group.  Each weekly meeting is 2 hours.  There are no refunds for missed sessions, however weather is taken into consideration and groups are rescheduled as needed at no extra charge.  Scheduling also takes holidays and school breaks into consideration and is determined the first few meetings of the group.  Occasionally, members of a group determine that additional meetings are desired or warranted.  These additional groups are billed at a prorated rate and are paid at that time.

8-Week Support Group = $600

Lisa Hall, L.M.F.T., M.A.

Marriage & Family Therapist, Relationship Issues, Divorce & Family Conflict.

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