Lisa Hall, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

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Sessions for Couples

Sometimes it is best to come in for a consultation session or ongoing sessions with your partner. This forum is about sharing, learning, and growing with one another and in each other’s presence. Times that are helpful to come in together:

to become more informed about direction and options
using a 3rd party/trained professional present while communicating
when you’re not sure how what you feel or how to share
improving your relationship skills together
practical guidance for a structured separation or divorce
to receive a direct assessment of your relationship and what to do
learning about other professionals who may be helpful

Meeting with a couple presents challenges for a therapist that just aren’t there when meeting one-on-one. Especially when two people are having a hard time understanding one another, it is common for one of the people in the couple to feel that the therapist is siding with the other person. My goal: for both parties to have a sense that they are heard and genuinely understood. We work together to get a grip on what is going on and next steps.

Lisa Hall, L.M.F.T., M.A.

Marriage & Family Therapist, Relationship Issues, Divorce & Family Conflict.

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