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Lisa Hall – L.M.F.T., M.A.

Whether you are in marital distress, are contemplating separation, have recently decided to divorce, or have completed the divorce process, there are many concerns, fears, and goals on your mind, no doubt. Getting accurate information about your options, along with clarity and awareness, are the keys to getting through this phase of your life and moving on to a more peaceful time. I can assess your needs, help you sort things out.

About my Practice

My private practice has been the result of many forces in my life. First, as a child of divorce, then professionally as a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist working with children of divorce and their families, and finally, in experiencing my own divorce and remarriage – all roads have lead here.

I incorporate decades of professional experience, but also my life experience, to help you as much as possible, with a no-nonsense, practical approach to improving your marriage, working with separation or divorce, or talking to you about improving the current state of your family functioning. I want you to be wise when considering how to improve your marriage or going through a separation or contemplating divorce process. The way you approach and handle this time impacts your future happiness and that of your children and your own future. It is an opportunity for “corrections” in one’s life, to live a life that is more congruent, to use this transformational (and very painful) experience in your life for the better. It is an opportunity to improve the lives of the next generation in your family.

I am not a proponent of divorce. Nor do I “encourage” divorce. I am interested in revealing and building on the hope that may exist in your marriage. I know that committed partnership is truly a cornerstone of joy and peace in one’s life. It is an opportunity for “safe haven” from which to launch every day and to come back to for a sense of security and warmth. Intimate and committed relationships, when the time is right in your life, are essential piece of living a full life. If you are a parent you know that a schism in your relationship with your partner or spouse makes life pretty challenging, and guess what? Your kids can feel it. It is terribly important to lead by example, and if you are not addressing core issues in your marriage, you are really not doing your kids a favor. In fact, you may not realize this, but kids observe and feel it all. And over the years, they develop all kinds of ways of dealing with this, adjusting to it, and learning dysfunctional ways of being in relationship with others. It’s important to “get right” with yourself, to shift dynamics in your partnership to a more health place for the kids, to have integrity in their eyes, and in your own.

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Lisa Hall, L.M.F.T., M.A.

Marriage & Family Therapist, Relationship Issues, Divorce & Family Conflict.

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